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4/17/12 - Making progress

posted Apr 17, 2012, 12:33 AM by Tyler Bustinza
I have a general idea where the problem is stemming from, but it took me 25+ render attempts, all which don't fail until the very end (burning a good 15 minutes each).  I read up on the issue but the problem seems to affect users who can't open their project at all.  I can view my files, I can do a preview of all the clips with my audio dubbed over it, but once I go to render it says files are missing and when I go back to my project, it does indeed think the files are missing.  I think if I re-cut the clips and possibly throw on a different named audio track, it might properly link the files.

Just in case anyone in the future is looking for a solution to this very problem, I'll post the error in plain text so it'll pop on search engines (Windows Live Movie Maker Error: 0x80070057).  I've tried safe mode, cutting specific clips out, slightly trimming clips by one frame on each side, rendered in different sizes and frame rate, uninstalling Live Essentials and completely re-installing it.  So far all that's worked has been taking a huge chunk out where I believe the problem lies and it works.

I really, really, really hope to have Part 1 released by tomorrow.  I'll also be swapping to a different video editor shortly too, I can't burn days on a software problem.