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5/12/11 - Dragunov move chart

posted May 12, 2011, 11:28 PM by Tyler Bustinza
One of the problems with an overload of information is that there's rarely a single spot to quickly browse it and although aggregated into a section such as the Dragunov Tutorial, sometimes you just want to take a quick peek at something.  Maybe you want to find out if a move KNDs/W! to a certain side, or want to quickly skim through frame data, or possibly want to know string damage for theorycrating.


The above list/spreadsheet was made for just that reason.  It contains string/hit damage (NH/CH), hit location, near complete frame data, if it's hit confirmable, NC, NCc, if there are guaranteed follow-ups, if it KNDs, W!, B!, F!, or even WB!.  Finally how the opponent is left, if knocked down, and was direction does the string knock them towards.  Essentially it's a couple of my articles bundled together in chart form, tell me what you think on TZ.