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Grabs, Throws, and Attack Throws

Grabs, Throws, and Attack Throws:

Dragunov's grab and tackle game is one of the strongest in Tekken because unlike most of the other tacklers, save for Craig, his grab game has near to 0 risk. The only risk Dragunov encounters with his grab game is during a command tackle, in which case the opponent can reverse the tackle via 1+2 flip over. Though if the tackle is initially reversed, he's still at a tremendous advantage due to both punch and arm bar reversals. But if the tackle connects completely, then his follow ups are not reversable, only escapable.

Grabs andThrows:
Standard Throws: 1+3, 2+4, f+1+3, f+2+4
Side/Back Throws: Any throw to their right, left, and back (being inescapable)
Crouch Throws: d+1+3, d+2+4
Transition Throws: f,f+2~1+2, 1,3,2~1+2, 1,3,1,2,1,1,4,1,3,2~1+2, d/b+3~1+2
Instant Throws: f+1+4, f+2+3
Near Instant Throws: f,f+1+2
Inescapable Throws: Back throw, u/f+3+4, Ki Charge f,f+2~1+2 (and all extensions)

Attack Throws:
Attack Throws: Clean d/f+3, iWR 4, WR 3, FDFT D+3
CH Attack Throws: CH f+3,3, SS 2,CH 3, CH d/b+3, CH qcf+3
System Attack Throws: qcf+4~1,3,4,2, qcf+4~2,4,3,1

Tackle: d/b+1+2~1, d/b+1+2~2, d/b+1+2~1+2
Tackle Out of KND: FCD 1+2~1+2
Tackle Transitions: b+4,2,1+2, SS 2,1+2,1+2
If You're Tackled: 1,1,2 (punch reversal) 1+2,2,2,2,2,2,2 (arm bar reversal)

Honorable mentions:
Mid reversal: b+1+3_2+4
Low reversal: d/f+1+2