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U/F~4 Crossover

U/F~4 is usually used as combo filler for very high launchers, for Dragunov it's fairly useless as he has no launchers in which U/F~4 would be practical to use.  Now I'm not referring to U/F~4 crossover at the wall either, which is possible but slightly lacklustre for Dragunov, I'm referring to using U/F~4 against a standing/guarding opponent to knock them down.

I'm unable to find any posts regarding the crossover recently, but it was originally from DR.

Complete Testing:
 King No  Baek No
 Mokujin No
 Raven Yes
 Feng Yes  Asuka No
 Roger Hard
 A.King No
 Marduk No Law
Yes  Hwo. No
Christie Yes  Anna Hard Heihachi No  Ganryu No
 Bruce No  Paul No  Jack No  Lei No
 Nina Hard  Steve No
 Ling Yes
 Kazuya No
 Jin No  Lee No  Julia Yes
 Yoshi Yes
 Bryan No  Alisa No
 Bear No  Sergei No
 Zafina Yes  Leo Yes  Miguel No  Bob No
 Lili No  Lars Hard  Wang Yes  Eddy No

While the applications are limited, the crossover could potentially be a very strong tool for breaking turtles.  If the opponent has a tendency to play defensively on +frame block attacks, such as iWR+2 and b+1+2, it may be worth trying to use it once or twice a game, or until the opponent is no longer complacent.

Older Post Follows

The crossover only seems to work on short/small characters, therefore usually female characters

Alisa No
Anna Hard
Asuka No
Christie Yes
Julia Yes
Leo Yes
Lili No
Ling Yes
Nina Hard
Zafina Yes

The list above is incomplete but should give you an idea of who the crossover works on.

Guaranteed combo - U/F~4, d+4, FC d/f+3

This sets up running oki post hit and iWR+2 seems to be the best option post combo as it will catch quickstand and forward roll, get blocked and +4 on side rolls, and can't be launched by wakeup 3.  Unfortunately rolling away (back roll) will evade the running 2 and leave you open for punishment so it's no risk free.

Video Examples:
N/A - No videos yet recorded.

Did more testing versus a good portion of the cast where the crossover might be possible.  Did some testing on my old list and today had almost no luck with crossing over Alisa, so I've changed it to a "no".

Lars Hard Kazuya No
Wang Yes Paul No
Raven Yes Roger Hard
Eddie No Ganryu No
Mokujin No Yoshi

Interesting enough was discovering how wonky Mokujin and Ganryu's hit boxes are.  Mokujin seems to retain a set height, no matter what the height of the character, but can't actually be hit unless he's standing that tall.  For instance I first randomly selected Moku-Dragunov and even while hunched over, being well shorter than Dragunov is, I was unable to jump over him. Similarly with Ganryu I was hitting an invisible wall when trying to perform the crossover, only thing I could think of is that Ganryu being a partial Jack clone retains a vertical collision box putting his height closer to Jack.  As with Mokujin, his actual hit box doesn't extend past his visible height making U/F~4 unable to crossover or even hit Ganryu.