On SFxT 2013 (pt. 2)

Post date: Feb 05, 2013 3:39:4 AM

Whoa, whoa, whoa, 50 stam reductions on ~33% of the cast is a start but I don't think it's near enough to make a considerable dent. I'm talking at least a base 10% stam reduction before individual nerfs, while still retaining the passive regen value of the secondary character. What this would do is make it so the regen speed, while not increased, a greater % of the total further valuing the tag system mid-combo.

So on one hand characters will bleed more while on point but create more dynamic swings in health while on the offense. This is actually most prevalent in the NCR sets of SFxT, where people were still not accustomed to the tag mechanic as SFxT was still somewhat new, but Infiltration was and was able to successfully rotate his team such that neither character was ever in danger of dying due to red life recovery.

That is how the game should be played, complete health swings (in the sense of damage on the opponent as well as recovering health on the secondary) and the increasing desperation to not lose either character, obviously resulting in the loss of the round. You can see they're half way there with the universal DP tag nerf, but Capcom still hasn't committed to making the fear of being KO'd a somewhat constant threat.