1/18/13 - Raven TTT2 tech

Post date: Feb 05, 2013 3:14:55 AM

I've been experimenting with CH d/f+3, qcf+3~5 which leads to standard juggle options with Bruce (e.g. Raven CH d/f+3, qcf+3~5, Bruce d/f+4~MTS f+1, B!, 3,2~f,1, 3,2~f,2 or Raven CH d/f+3, qcf+3~5, Bruce 3,2~f,1, 3,2~f,1, f+2,4 for carry) and just curious if anyone has tried implementing it.

Also while trying to find decent damage with WB!/TA! u+3,d+3,3 I see that TA!, u+3,d+3~D will not only keep Raven in a ki charge state (which usually doesn't work properly as a manual ki charge will often end the TA! with that character remaining on point) but also allow for a low hitting follow-up to still land. So for instance I can do W!, Bruce d+3+4, TA!, Raven u+3,d+3~D, Bruce d/b+2,1,4.

So this obviously leads to the question, "what options would be good on in bound ki Raven?" Off the top of my head the usual suspects:

CH d/f+3 (high crush/launcher)

CH 3,3,4 (fast i14/easy hit confirm)

CH d/b+4 (high crush/guaranteed follow-up)

Then I started thinking a little more out of the box:

CH 4,1 (really fast i12/small combo on hit, possibly full combo)

CH u+3,3 (Low crush/Mondo damage/KND/W!)

But that's about all that immediately comes to mind, so my question is, "if you had a ki charged Raven, what would you be using?"