1/22/13 - On Dragunov being a "beginner" character

Post date: Feb 05, 2013 3:16:26 AM

Except iWR for Dragunov is 100% necessary for his pressure game. Without the threat of ~+4 off of iWR+2, his sub-par poke game gets completely destroyed hopkicks. This isn't about SSS DAMAGE, this is about trying to beat someone with a character without real gimmicks. Also iWS+4 isn't about maximizing damage as much as getting real combos to land, you know, combos that actually lead to wall carry.

Like I said earlier, removing "iWS, iWR, now has CDc combos", Dragunov still has "no generic hop kick, no generic d/f+2, no i10-i14 NH KND/W! (w/o JF execution), poor overall tracking, way too many high ending strings (therefore must learn how to hit/CH confirm)" as well as no generic magic/CH 4, no #YOLO low launcher (i.e. snake edge) or low crush launcher (i.e. Lars u/f+3).

Apart from basics such as movement and fundamentals, NOTHING transfers over to other characters (as far as a beginner is concerned).