2/05/13 - Executing and practicing Jinpachi TA! glitch

Post date: Feb 05, 2013 6:59:5 PM

Yes, instead of trying to get the UB! out before the TA! window ends, approach the problem as trying to execute the UB! immediately after the window for inputting 1,2 ends. The best way to do this is practice the timing outside of a real combo, e.g. just keep practicing 1~3[hold]~f+2 such that 1,2 doesn't come out and there is no notable delay between 1 and the UB!. From there you can practice with generic TA! (1+2+5), then from there you can practice with a small combo (e.g. launch, quick hits, TA!), and finally to a real combo.

It's going to be hard, there's no way around it (as it's basically JF) but with practice it's much more consistent.