2/06/13 - WS vs iWS

Post date: Feb 23, 2013 8:13:51 PM

Basically anytime Dragunov is left in FC/WS, the notation is WS. If he's not, it's noted as iWS.

The d,d/f,n iWS version is necessary for a good amount of Dragunov's combos because doing a d/b_d_d/f,n,4 will leave Dragunov too far away to continue the combo some time later down the line. Doing the CD iWS will naturally leave Dragunov closer making most of the combos much easier to land. Now there are exceptions where d/b_d_d/f,n,4 will easily work and that's on single strike, string CH launchers such as CH (1,2),1 and (d/b+2,1),2 but for everything else d,d/f,n,4 has to be used for consistency.