2/12/13 - Kazuya vs Heihachi (pt. 1)

Post date: Feb 13, 2013 6:5:39 AM

The reason why Kazuya is the best is that everything Mishimas have, he has better.

Kazuya has the fastest launcher in the game (i13), fastest and safest WS launcher in the game (i13 and only -13 on block, for instance Bruce's i13 WS+2,1 is "only" -11 but is high and non-jailing, therefore duck and launch punishable), most consistent and fastest W! attack in the game i11 (only beat by Jin 2,4, and Lili 2,4 which all have stringent W! requirements and Jinpachi 1,2 which is -17 on block).

Once he's in Devil Form ties Angel with the fastest standing tag launcher in the game (excluding Mishima i14 and his own i13 EWGF) while also being the safest at -13 (compared to Lars' f+1+2 at -14), gets the incredibly strong CD+1~U/F attack throw ender which gives the Devil/DJ/Angel insane oki and combo damage, gets the really evasive tag bufferable, class 1 launcher, SS+2 for those #YOLO moments, gets eye laser for high wall splat and a long range UB!, and gets the ability to timer scam with 3+4,3+4.

There's only a few things that Heihachi has going for him:

    • f,f+2 - No explanation needed. -16, great pushback, mid, evasive, tag bufferable launcher.

    • f+3 - Knee, mid, safe, NH W!/KND, CH launcher

    • f+3+4 - Heihachi's new and improved stance. Built in punch parry, good damage.

    • b+1+4_2+3 - Heihachi's reversal, eats a lot of options, good for "safe" tagging

    • d/f+1,2 - Standing twin piston for W!/KND, only -13 on block

Heihachi's d/b+2 isn't really everything it's cracked up to be. Devil Jin's d/b+2 is slightly faster, is only -12 on block (versus Heihachi's -18 on block), at the small cost of 25% less damage. The frames on hit are identical, making it a good pressure tool for both characters. I should also note that Kazuya also has d/b+3 which deals lower damage but is much faster and is massive frames on CH, as well as d/b+4 which has similar damage, and frames as Heihachi d/b+2 while being faster, better frames on CH, as well as an catch in certain oki situations.