Why Donate?

First and foremost you should only donate if you've read my articles, possibly watched some of my videos, and overall appreciate my work. Everything I've written and worked on is free to view and I intend to keep them that way.

My website pledge:

I currently have a single side bar ad on my webpage and I realize that placing additional ads probably won't do much more than anger my returning visitors. As such I will never, no matter how dire the situation, add more banners or invasive advertisements (such as full page ads, hover-over ad-based hyperlinks, and overall annoying things). If one makes it to my site, please do not hesistate to e-mail about it and be sure to include a screenshot of it.

Ads? On my Dragunov Practical?

Unfortunately doing an "Audio Swap" on the Dragunov Practical videos caused YouTube to automatically place an ad bar on the bottom of them. I didn't place them nor do I see any money from them, so I appologize for them being there and hopefully no one felt compelled to click them thinking I would see any money from them. In order to remove them I'd have to remove the audio track and that's not the best option at the current moment. It's possible I might revisit them and put a commentary track over them, but I really like how the music fits the clips.

A change in YouTube policy:

Since changing their policies to open up the partner program to all users, YouTube has tightened down on all uploaded content. So much so that many of my older videos, and most of my new videos, have been flagged for third-party content and have had advertising added to my videos automatically. What's funny is that these videos were ad-free on purpose and even a few of them were put in creative commons to inspire future combo video makers to create videos of their own. I don't see a cent from those videos, nor do I approve of the ads being there. Similarly to the Dragunov Practical series, as mentioned above, it will leave me no choice but to re-shoot them w/o any music track so that ads won't be added in the future.

How much to donate?

2.99, 8.95, however much you can will help, please be aware that I have a few donation milestones that will get you free stuff. 100% of the money donated (save WePay's cut) will go into equipment and operating costs.

Right now, the most crucial new pieces of equipment are as follows:

~$40 for a new headset, as the ones I'm currently using are broken in two places and decently painful to wear.

~$60 for new video editing software, since I've had major problems with Movie Maker in the past.

~$150 for a capture card/box that will allow me to stream from PS3 directly instead of just uploading to YouTube.

Can't/won't donate but want to help?

My work is free on purpose, so hopefully my readers/viewers don't feel obligated to donate. Cool if you do, but equally cool if you don't, all that matters is I know my work is appreciated. If you can't donate but still want to help, I'd love some free shout outs and/or connections to sponsors who may be able to give me equipment directly.