II. Rookie

If you've been playing Tekken for a while and have a good grasp of the game, but aren't as familiar with Dragunov as you'd like, then this is the place to start. If this your first time playing Tekken, or any fighting game for that matter, please read my Beginner post first. I'll be using most of the articles that can be found in the Sergei Manifesto,as they're still relevant, but I'll be presenting it in a more logical progression format.

I. Attack Basics:

Punishment Basics

Homing and Tracking Attacks

Grabs, Throws, and Attack Throws

Wall Splats

Dragunov Spacing

II. Combos:

Basic Combos

Attacks that Wall/Ground Break

III. Punishment

Wake-Up Punishment

Post Wake-Up Oki

IV. Advanced

How to Fight Reverse Happy Players

Innocent Frame Traps