III. Intermediate

By now you should have a strong grasp of Dragunov basics, if not, please start at Rookie level. Now we'll focus on applying some of Dragunov's tools to take him to the next level and separate him from much of the cast. At this level you should have a basic grasp of hit/CH confirming strings as this is a large portion of Dragunov's game.

I. What Makes Dragunov, Dragunov?

What makes Dragunov, Dragunov (pt. 1)

What makes Dragunov, Dragunov (pt. 2)

What makes Dragunov, Dragunov (pt. 3)

What makes Dragunov, Dragunov (pt. 4)

II. Attack Fundamentals

Move Analysis (pt. 1)

Move Analysis (pt. 2)

WS+1+2 vs WS+1,3

4,1 (on hit) Follow Up Discussion

III. Hit/CH Confirming

The Art of Hit Confirming (1,2,1)

The Art of Hit Confirming (Beyond 1,2,1)

Hit Confirmable Strings

IV. Throw Fundamentals

Controlling Level Positioning with Throws

Using and abusing instant throws

V. Combos

Advanced Combos

Bobble Mini-Combos

Spike Oki

VI. Advanced

Important Frame Data

Strengths & Weaknesses

Similarity Discussion

Wakeup/Ground Based Oki