IV. Experienced

Your execution and Dragunov fundamentals should be second nature, if not, please review Intermediate before proceeding. Now we'll begin to focus on Dragunov's more advanced techniques, such as iWR+2 and wakeup traps. An experienced player should be taking less risks by CH confirming Dragunov's spammable strings while saving his punishable attacks for launching and/or punishing the opponent. Now granted a player might take the initiative to launch a player on anticipation, but Dragunov lacks strong high and low crushing launchers, hampering his chance of this happening.

I. Dragunov Discussion

Common Dragunov Misconceptions

Dragunov's best moves you aren't using

II. Techniques

Countering generic low spam

b+3 Discussion


Back (Opponent BT) Catches

qcb+2 Traps

III. CH Confirming

Hit Confirmable Strings (pt. 2)

IV. All about iWR+2


iWR 2 Options on Block

V. Combos

d/f+2 Combos and You

VI. Misc/Other

Miscellaneous Nice to Knows