10/16/12 - Tekken isn't Hard

Post date: Oct 16, 2012 8:13:37 PM

So I was unable to test online pre-patch, but post patch the discrepancy doesn't exist against players, it only occurs during online training mode. Because I didn't get a chance to test in time, it's safe to say that there's absolutely no way to know if the patch versions were different, just that they seem to be identical now.

I made a post on SRK partially in response to DarryH's editorial on SRK (that has been since removed) mentioning that I wanted to make something to help out players who still are getting destroyed by the Tekken learning curve. Well I've thought about it and have come to "Tekken isn't Hard", a series that takes complex ideas and breaks them down into bite-size, plain English. I'll be posting it primarily on SRK, where people need it the most, but I'll be posting it here as well. My target is to have the first available by this Friday.