10/18/10 - lol, surprise! Practical Part 3 now available

Post date: Oct 18, 2010 9:27:2 PM

Well that was certainly faster than I anticipated, but Dragunov Practical pt. 3 is now available on my YouTube channel. Unfortunately this will probably be my last practical video for a while as the combos and oki setups aren't decided ahead of time, since these videos are taken from real matches, so getting the footage for Practicals takes quite a while. Combined with the fact that I try not to repeat my material makes these videos difficult to produce quickly.

I know that's there has to be somebody who questions the authenticity of these videos, but I must reiterate that the footage from the Practical videos are 100% unscripted and 100% real matches. Now granted I may go into a day trying out strategy X or mix-up Y, but my opponent has no advance knowledge of what I'm going for and I can go days without getting usable footage. The fact that so many clips occur at the end, thereby ending with a slow motion replay, is purely coincidental. I attribute it to me trying some different mind games, rather than going for a low poke for instance, and my opponent panicking as they're trying to stay alive and/or take full advantage of rage.

With that being said, part 3 is my longest Practical to date and contains three distinct strings of strategies. The first string is of me being forced to play defensive, but a single whiffed pressure option completely changes the momentum of the game. The second string is using qcf+1 (on block) as a pressure option by taking advantage of its great frames to SS around "retaliation" from the opponent. The final string is of a standard qcf+2 launcher leading to some wall trickery, not commonly seen while playing against Dragunov.

Overall I'm very happy with part 3 and I hope you are too.

Dragunov Practical pt. 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B9h_DK1Q2M