1/04/12 - Happy New Year! Angry computer...

Post date: Jan 05, 2012 3:17:57 AM

So I've been working on the latest Tutorial Series video for the last couple of days and as with last time have been running into constant problems. Figured out of a way to properly import the files on our Mac and unfortunately the file size balloons to ~8-10x the size. So instead of a 1.5 GB files, I now have a good amount of 12 GB files. I could always revert to what I did with the first video by converting them to MP4 but there's quality degradation and I'm trying to circumvent it. It also doesn't help that a laptop of ours picked up a particularly bad virus and it's been causing major headaches for a couple of days now.

So right now I'm trying a couple desperate measures to get the files for the Tutorial video to play nicely so I can finally edit them, as such there's almost no way the second video will be released by tonight. I'm trying my absolute best to get it done by tomorrow though. It's going to be a late night. Fortunately I do have the second part of the combo video done, so that'll be uploaded within a couple hours.