11/11/11 - The plan

Post date: Nov 11, 2011 8:15:56 PM

I had to renew my domain name/URL today and was given an offer that I couldn't refuse on tyler2k.info as well. So I picked it up and I'll be restructuring my site(s) for the future. My .com site will remain as it is, mostly for discussion on specific characters and games. Rather than adding game theory and balance discussion to this site, I'll be adding it to my .info site, that way if all my readers want to view is Dragunov/Jinpachi/Raven stuff, they can just continue to view this site.

As such tyler2k.com will be my overall hub, I'll post links to my .info news on this site and I'll keep the .info site fairly clutter free. I'm currently in the process of creating that site and hope to have it done by later this weekend. Also regarding the first tutorial video, I hope to have it done by later next week.