1/15/17 - New series for Beginners?

Post date: Jan 15, 2017 10:11:48 AM

Hey guys, long time no see. I've been helping out a couple of new Tekken players new to the NorCal scene and I've seen a few things that are definitely holding them back and would imagine these same things are holding back other new players as well. Unfortunately with how the YellowMotion situation was taken, it puts a hamper on plan for setting up this series. So far with how I've handled my Tekken 7 videos so far, I've used Namco's official videos and effectively made speculatory videos. Not quite as "trashy" as pure reaction but ultimately I'm dependent on third-party content to make Tekken 7 videos.

With that being said, similar to generic reaction videos that litter YouTube, they're effectively protected through copyright laws presuming a few things, the most commonly being: A) They're a parody B) They're educational C) They're supplementary. In my case, the reason my viewers watch my videos aren't for the third-party content, they're watching trying to learn something that they may not actually know. Also I do realize that in the case of YellowMotion specifically is that he rehosts other people's content (disregarding the recent anti-group rants of course) and otherwise makes questionable edits/changes which really stretches the line of where original content creation and stealing is.

Ultimately, what I'm trying to get to, is that I need to make a decision. Do I use third-party footage (for instance generic match footage) and highlight things to look out for while risking because called a content thief? Do I wait for Tekken 7 to come out of console which as of yesterday, has been somewhat officially confirmed as delayed? Do I use TTT2 which might be instantly disregarded by newer players when Tekken 7 is released, although will still be pertinent? Do I do a combination of the two, use both TTT2 for the primary footage and use Tekken 7 footage as a very small supplement (e.g. <15%)?

So I'm in a weird place. I want to make the series but the amount of time I'll need to invest without using raw, third-party Tekken 7 footage might be incredibly prohibitive. So much so that at that point, I might as well restart Project 62.