12/08/11 - Wide(r) release of TTT2

Post date: Dec 09, 2011 3:8:45 AM

While we aren't getting it in NorCal, today is the first day of location testing in SoCal. Hopefully they'll be some good information coming out of SoCal over the next month. As the New York testing has been cancelled, I feel it important to remind those with the game (and read my blog, *nudge nudge*) to play the shit out of it. I'm talking every waking minute that you aren't working, in school/college, or having a social life needs to be in that arcade. Like little Nate says to little Dewey, "You have to be double great, for the both of us." You guys are now our main life line to the game, you guys need to find/test tech that will propel the game to new heights, you guys need to break it in ways only imaginable by someone like Desk, you guys need to show the fat cats at Namco that America deserves a wide release of TTT2.

Support your local arcade scene as the rest of America won't have the chance to.

In other news I ordered one of the new AverMedia PVRs, I'd like to say I'll have it soon but Amazon still says, "Temporarily out of stock," and it feels like it's not going to change. Once I get it, I'll start pumping out the tutorial videos and other miscellaneous things once again.