2/02/11 - Updates

Post date: Feb 02, 2011 6:42:54 PM

First things first, the LUYG! crew and Aris have created a video breakdown of Dragunov including basic information, strengths/weaknesses, and other fun stuff such as okizeme. It's definitely worth a watch, no matter what your experience level with Dragunov may be.


Since there's so much footage in this video, I'll try and integrate it into the Manifesto so newer players, who may not immediately know what I'm talking about, will have a visual example to coincide with my text.

I've been working on the "Dragunov Versus" section and will appear in the Sergei Dragunov section to the left eventually. I haven't decided whether to post updates in waves or large chunks, I'll figure something out, but for now my priority will be sifting through the LUYG! video again for important parts to highlight.