2/04/13 - Off-site discussions

Post date: Feb 05, 2013 5:2:40 AM

One of the hardest parts of creating content is just starting out and the second hardest part is finishing, everything else in between is cake. In the past whenever I've written something noteworthy, on TZ for instance, I would elaborate tremendously on this site. So a small blurb could turn into a full fledged article, instead of trying to pull an idea out of thin air. Since I tend to post far more often off-site than on my sites, I decided the best way to approach this would be to simply port and link to what I've written elsewhere.

So I added "Off-site Discussions" to my navigation where I discuss TTT2 and other games and/or eSports. I've trimmed the fat and have only posted my best writings regarding a good deal of different subjects. I'll eventually be getting around to reading my TZ posts from 2012, the ones that didn't make my site, and post them as well but that's very low priority for me as I'm wrapping up the first two parts to episode one of "Tekken isn't Hard".