2/16/11 - Looking to the Future

Post date: Feb 17, 2011 7:41:22 AM

Marvel vs Capcom 3 officially came out yesterday and got to play about three or so hours today, obviously my first impression was that it felt a ton like Tatsunoko vs Capcom. That's not necessarily a bad thing, TvC had a lot of redeeming features and deserved more credit than it actually received, mostly it was an experimental game where all the norms were changed (from a standard Capcom game). With that being said, TvC was a love/hate relationship for me and I can see MvC 3 ending up that way too.

My cons thus far:

The incredible damage potential people are finding in day 2-3 of testing (~95% Sent 1 stock combo anyone?), overall ease of execution, and older MvC 2 top tier characters gravitating towards top tier in this game as well.

My pros thus far:

The huge damage doesn't seem to be limited to certain characters, it's an overall damage buff to what appears to be almost the entire cast. The game feels really easy to pick up, I'm not sure if it's a testament to its flexible combo building or that it's been (over?) simplified, but it's all very intuitive. At this time, I can see at least 8 characters being tournament viable (calling it right now: Sent, Storm, Dante, Wesker, Chris, Captain America, X-23, and Zero) and a few others possibly hanging with the best once mastered.

My team this point in the game:

Wesker - Fairly unpredictable, command/super reversal, good damage, battery character

Chris - Incredible chip damage, decent zoning, battery character

? - I've been messing around with Phoenix, MODOK, Doctor Doom, Sentinel, and Dante. Overall I've been leaning toward Phoenix though, mostly for laughs.


I personally can't wait for TTT2, the sooner it comes out the better, the forums have been a little quiet recently though I assume they'll pick up for AOU.

I have written a new WIP article regarding an oki option I stumbled upon a month or so ago, I personally haven't had much time to play T6 since then, but I'll do more testing once time permits.

f+3, d+3 post B!