3/24/10 - The List

Post date: Mar 24, 2011 7:16:17 AM

I've decided to move "The List"/spreadsheet to public as it would speed up development. Also with a strong backbone in place, I imagine changes from BR to TTT2 wouldn't be so substantial that it would take only a couple weeks to update (assuming the community is vocal about discoveries and what not). My goal is to have a public link available by Saturday, with my latest updates in place, so people can see where I'm at with it.

A few things I should mention:

1) If the list is desecrated or vandalized I'll pull it down and it will remain down (to the general public) until completion.

2) This list is, as well as into public additions, always be in "alpha release" form.

3) Moderation is encouraged, but please post a note instead of making blind changes.

4) Please, please, please try your best to only post things that you know to be 100% accurate.

Expect more information to be post this weekend. Otherwise I don't have any new articles in mind, or queued up, so that will be it for now.