3/26/11 - Character tools ranking list (alpha) now available

Post date: Mar 27, 2011 6:44:20 AM

The idea behind the "Character tools ranking" list (from now on referred to as the "spreadsheet") is to create a quick glance chart for determining what a character can do in a certain situation. Cells, representing a particular option for said character, are normally ranked on a color scale from red to green, poor to good respectively. If an option does not exist it's marked as an "x" or is crossed out. If an option is far superior to all other options available to remainder of the cast, it's marked as blue. For further clarification, comments will be added to every cell to give a brief explanation of the move in question and why it's strong/weak.

The chart is currently at natural hit while-standing and standing options ranging from WS i10-i16 and i10-i17. Even though CH moves are excluded from this NH ranking, moves with special CH properties are weighed more favorably versus moves without. Characters that do not have a launching WS option but can hop kick out of FC are marked as a special color. Standing launchers that can be performed out of FC requiring CC are not included in this spreadsheet (yet).

It was my intention from the start to have a clear distinction between moves of certain speeds (namely WS i12, WS i14, WS i15, and finally at standing i15). As a rule of thumb an attack that persists through further to the right of the chart degrades by one color rank as it crosses one of these thresholds. If an attack/move can still carry its weight against an attack at the same speed of a different character, then it maintains its original color. The only exception to this rule are blue color ranks as they can only be awarded for a specific speed.

Underneath the current chart is a small list of things I want to touch on as the spreadsheet grows. This list is not 100% accurate and I'm sure I'm missing some characters, so feel free to add whatever characters I may be missing. Finally if you feel a particular topic should be added to the chart, for instance very fast unblockables, please append it to the very bottom of the file.


For now I have it set to only allow people with Google accounts to make changes to the file. This should hopefully cut down on malicious/spam happy changes to the posted spreadsheet. If you absolutely don't want to log in with your Google account and/or don't have one and refuse the option to create one, feel free to PM me on TZ and I'll make an anonymous spreadsheet just for you. Otherwise a communal ranking list where (I assume) people can see other people's changes as well as work on a common spreadsheet is the best way to cut down on redundancies and speed up its overall development.

One last thing, as this is an alpha release, I'd prefer for the work to stay somewhat guarded for now. Please do not spread the word until development is further along and the chart looks a lot less white, you'll probably understand what I mean when you first see it. Thank you in advance.