4/01/11 - Change of Direction

Post date: Apr 01, 2011 7:4:43 AM

I wanted to share a picture of mine from a few years ago. It was taken early in 2009, right after I returned from Japan after meeting Yoshinori Ono.

(sorry for the poor quality, it was taken on a dieing cell phone camera)

Since I realize that it's hard to see, I took a better picture of it yesterday for today's post

It's a signed picture of Ono-San during the console release of SFIV. The picture, and everything else overall, has really gotten me thinking. I've been playing Street Fighter IV more and more recently and I've begun to realize that it's the superior fighting game of this console generation. With the release of AE in arcades and the possible release onto console on the horizon, it's time to step my game up. Since fighting games in general are very time consuming, it's been coming down to Tekken or Street Fighter for a while now. Since there's more competition (and with it money) stateside, I feel like it's time to make the full transition. As such I'll be phasing out Tekken related articles and slowly replacing them with with SF IV based ones.

It would be super if Tekken players ken (or are even abel to) make the transition to Street Fighter 4 as it requires a good amount of perseverance, guile, and courage gen and again. If you're up to it, adon your roses as the sakura is in full bloom and there's fei long road ahead of us.