4/13/11 - Major list update

Post date: Apr 14, 2011 6:3:44 AM

I've revamped the tool ranking list a couple of ways for the latest push. First and foremost I've placed the names in alphabetical order so the list should be quicker and/or easier to navigate through. I've changed the (x) keys to a solid black so visually it should be less cluttered, although they are still there, I'm not sure how it'll look in Google Docs. I've organized it such that the capability of a hop kick is immediately to the right of WS moves as many characters don't have i15 launchers out of WS but can hop kick instead. Overall I've finished ranking the entire casts' WS attacks, at least to the best of my knowledge through research, testing, and memory. Now obviously there might be incorrect figures, if that's the case feel free to change it or pm/e-mail me. If there's something you don't necessarily agree with, please pm me before you make the changes.

Additions/clarification to the rules:

    • Characters with a green rank (or higher) WS i11 receive a "by" for WS i14

    • WS i15 punishers that require CC (e.g. Lee CC u/f+4, or Heihachi CC ewgf) are blacked out until I figure out a system for them

    • If a character has a i15 hopkick and a different i15 WS attack, then the i15 WS is specifically shown

    • Only hop kicks are shown under the hop kick category.

    • If a hop kick is slower than i15 then it is immediately demoted to yellow.

Overall clarification to the rules:

    • Breakpoints/threshold for attacks are at WS i12, WS i14, WS i15, i12, and i15

    • If an attack passes through a threshold without being replaced by another, then it is immediately demoted one color rank

    • WS i15+ refers to any notable attack out of WS that is slower than i15, launchers take priority in this column

The updated version can be found here