4/20/11 - Another ranking list update

Post date: Apr 21, 2011 6:53:19 AM

I realize after the fact that last week's list update wasn't readily accessible because I guess I didn't copy the correct link, or something. So I'll be changing the edit permissions such that it should be easier to edit as well as leave it open such that you should never have to log in to simply view it. Since last week I've added three more pages (sheets) to the ranking list; namely lows, mids, and throws. Now granted they aren't fully filled out, but hopefully most of the information is good since I took it from the first page of the original list and made them into their own list(s).

Some guidelines for the latest revision: (not so much rules)

    • All moves currently on the list are NH (e.g. non-CH) only.

    • The explanation of the shortened names are not included, but overall it refers to the section it's in

      • For instance "Reversal" in the "Low" sheet means "Low" "Reversal"

    • Just because something is red, doesn't mean it's terrible. Remember: A red is better than a black!

    • Since the list is now completely free to edit, abuse of any kind will cause me to require logging in for the next revision.

    • As always, the list is still Alpha, so please do not publicly share it.


For the audience that actually comes to my blog for Dragunov information, I got a new one for you guys. I was testing options post CH d/b+3 and came across f+2,4 which easily looks like Dragunov best option after the attack throw. More about it here: f+2,4 post CH d/b+3

Please note the article isn't quite done since I'm panicking about a problem with the Homepage navigation on the left, I have no idea when it started or what broke, but hopefully I can fix it because that's really annoying me. For now a quick fix seems to tick the triangle so it collapses and luckily it seems to remember if you collapsed it or not at a later time.

PS: Portal 2 is awesome, if you evenly remotely enjoyed the original Portal, you'll love the second one. Get it.