4/23/12 - Throw System introduction

Post date: Apr 24, 2012 6:37:14 AM

After numerous software problems and a fresh install of Windows 7, part 1 of the first Beginner Series video is finally available. In part 1 I cover a topic that feels natural to newer players, but is inherently complex due to the amount of ways a player can be thrown. I'll often get asked how/why throws land in a particular situation and almost always is followed with the question, "Well how do I escape?" As such an introduction to Tekken's Throwing System was a natural first choice.

So if you're often perplexed by throws, or know someone who is, the video is available here.

I'll be announcing a new project I've been throwing around with a friend of mine (for quite a while now) early next week. Also I haven't had much time to work on Project "62", so that's been bumped back, but I do plan on having it done no later than next month.