5/17/13 - Tutorial Series and other half dead projects

Post date: May 18, 2013 1:8:6 AM

I've been getting quite a few questions lately about half dead projects, namely if there's any plans for future releases. There's really no short answer but I'll provide the old road map for my projects leading up to a few months ago and hopefully it'll make sense.

Dragunov Practical Series - There was a good amount of theory crafting with new tech actually being discovered quite frequently. I wanted to prove that, regardless of the opinion of a few posters, certain pieces of tech were match viable and as such I recorded them from real matches. The "Practical Series" continued on past the creation of the Sergei Manifesto and was filled over the course of a year.

The Sergei Manifesto - My original write up specific to the character Sergei Dragunov, took about two months to complete.

Dragunov Tutorial - A general clean up of the Serge Manifesto, added some sections of my blog writings as well took a few sections out that weren't necessary. Changed the format so it's in a more progression based system, beginner to expert, all topics in between organized as such. Took about a month to complete.

Tutorial Series - I realized that there was a pattern on repetitive questions coming up and decided that it was up to me to squash them in the future, the community deserved a better class of videos than what was currently out. So I created the Tutorial Series towards the end of BR about half a year before Asian release of TTT2. The tutorial series, as it stands, took three months to complete.

Beginner Series - Rather than focusing on a particular, mid/high level system mechanic (such as iWS or CDc) I decided to go to the core basics of Tekken by breaking down key mechanics of the game. The original plan was to explain nearly everything in detail such that nothing was left out. The video series would be a one stop shop for all pertinent information without the need to read a detailed write-up, unfortunately the series was VERY time intensive and a couple of computer problems doomed it from the get go. I put about four months of work into the Beginner Series before it was put on indefinite hold.

Tekken Isn't Hard - With the release of TTT2, there was a good portion of people playing the game just to drop it later. Some lasted longer than others but in the end the retention of new players was nearly non-existent. I decided that the main reason was the game was just too hard for beginner players, too much to know, too much to get used to, just plain too much everything. I currently have three parts of an episode done but has also been on indefinite hold simply because it takes so much time.

Well that has been the story for a few months now and it wasn't going to change until a few days ago. So let me announce that: