5/18/11 - TTT2 overload

Post date: May 19, 2011 6:49:28 AM

There's been a ton of videos come out since Namco started doing location testing for Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2 (T^5?), unfortunately most of them have been Yoshi, Marduk, King, and Armor King. Every once in a while you'll get a Jun, Ogre, or even more rarely a Jinpachi, but the amount of actual testing being done is a little disheartening. The main problem with theorycrafting and what not, much more so in this version than others, is that many of the new moves have really distracting animations. They look fairly chaotic and often are less fluid, but what it really does is make it so some moves are nearly indistinguishable from others in certain situations. A pretty good example is Dragunov 1+2, without knowledge of what the player did, there's nearly no way to figure out what he's doing. Luckily more and more videos are released providing a better picture of Dragunov's new moves.

I've been compiling the known information (and educated speculation) on Dragunov's new moves in TTT2 Dragunov while sifting through the videos looking for more. I honestly believe we're getting a better picture of what Sergei can and cannot do in TTT2. The good news is that there's two more full days of testing so hopefully some more good heads our way.

Just a reminder, last week's Dragunov Properties is available now.