5/22/12 - World's most addictive game?

Post date: May 22, 2012 6:22:23 PM

Haven't done much in a week and Diablo III is definitely to blame. Stepping away from the game for today to work on a few things, but I'll be posting a few articles on tyler2k.info as well as trying to finish up the second part to my Throw System Introduction.

Regarding TTT2, it looks as if the worst case scenario may have happened, namely that TTT2 will be adding DLC characters that are different than the rest of the cast (not palette swaps). Hopefully the new characters shown currently (Michelle, Angel, Ogre, and Kunimitsu) are similar enough to the other characters that they won't be too hard to learn to fight against. For instance hopefully Michelle is Jaycee with a few different moves, Angel is just a mixture between DJ and Lili, and Ogre will still just take his movelist from all the other characters in the game. This should leave just Kunimitsu with a possible new movelist to learn, making the transition to console TTT2 easier.

We'll see how many more characters will be added to TTT2 and how many of those will have unique movelists.