6/05/12 - E3 and Diablo III

Post date: Jun 05, 2012 8:54:17 PM

Be sure to watch E3 as Namco will be releasing new information either today or on Thursday, there are conflicting reports from different sources, regarding TTT2. Rip @ LUYG took a photo of the character select screen for console (can be seen here) that shows that there are likely two additional characters to be announced prior to release. I'll be watching closely as more information about TTT2 and its console release comes out of E3.

I've written a couple Diablo III articles regarding balancing and problems with Diablo on my tyler2k.info site, namely "Balancing Around Elective Mode" and "Gripes and Bugs". I'll also be posting a new article about Diablo III shortly about Inferno and further balancing issues (though not necessarily about Elective Mode).