6/08/13 - Tekken F2P?

Post date: Jun 09, 2013 2:24:40 AM

It's official, not only will the "newest" Tekken be coming out a hell of a lot sooner than expected but it will be free to play as well. "Tekken Revolution" is announced to be released June 11th of this year, only a few days away, just in time for E3 2013. From the trailer not much is given away except that the homing attacks now have different sprite/graphic effects, presumably this is part of the F2P model where players will be able to purchase and customize them. I'm not sure if this part of in-game post-processing or just for the video, but there's definitely a noticeable HDR effect and possibly a slight Gaussian blur similar to a few stages on DRO, which coincidentally (?) was only released on PS3 as well. Obviously absent is the presence of secondary characters and all they've shown so far are one on one battles. While speculative, I feel that there's a very, very good chance that Revolution will only be solo mode while the retail release of TTT2 will the only present outlet for 2v2 play. Unfortunately this also does quash the theory/rumor that all future Tekken games will support tag play, as a F2P model will inevitably gain a larger fanbase, and the lack of Tag support will not be conducive to such an idea.