6/21/11 - Practical extra

Post date: Jun 21, 2011 6:15:20 PM

Over the course of creating the Practical Series I've gathered clips of footage that are noteworthy, but not solid enough to stand on their own. Usually they're situations that are better shown in other clips, therefore I would pick the better footage over the weaker ones. While filming Practical Pt. 4, I've gathered a ton of new footage for situations explained in older Practical Series videos, so much so that it would be shame not to share them. As such, Practical - Extra was born; a mixture of new juice, improved theorycrafting, and new strings of strategies all designed to beat down the opponent.

As suggested by my TZ avatar, I've returned to the lab for one last "hurrah" before TTT2 is released into the wild (Asia/Oceania only?) to bring that future tech to EVO, so definitely keep your eyes posted here as I won't be publicly posting them, or even about them, on TZ.