6/23/11 - Midweek update

Post date: Jun 23, 2011 8:54:58 AM

After about eight months of being officially open, I've finally sat down and changed the CNAME aliases (and what not) to properly point to the site. As such, goodbye sites.google.com/site/tyler2ks and hello just tyler2k.com! If you have any links bookmarked, they'll still work, but the URL for all pages should be much, much shorter now. I've posted an article entitled Grounded, flip over trap based on a few clips from the latest Practical series videos. I'm probably going to do a little clean up on this article as I started to overlap with an older one and I noticed about half way through. I also plan on releasing another article in the next few days on something I discovered not too long ago. I want to do a tad more testing on it to make sure it's legit, but I'm fairly confident it's the real deal.

I'll be phasing out the Sergei Manifesto as I feel that the Dragunov Tutorial is more helpful to new and improving players as it's more of a "logical progression" based system, rather than a bunch of information crammed together. I'm not going to delete it, but I'll most likely be moving it off the front page. In it's place I'll be adding an improved Works in Progress page, as the WIP page is really just an abyss of knowledge that's never really updated as (admittedly) it's very hard to do so.

Just a reminder, my two latest practical videos are now available: Dragunov Practical Pt. 4 & Practical - Extra