7/10/11 - Hitting the plateau

Post date: Jul 11, 2011 2:59:33 AM

Well, I've finally done it again, I've reached the plateau of Dragunov knowledge and unfortunately this looks like the end. I've exhausted every known set up, worked out every idea to the fullest, and along the way have unlocked a few interesting set ups. The problem is something I've already mentioned in a lengthy post from a few months ago (4/07/11 - Weekly update); The more people working on a problem/idea, the quicker a solution develops. As Tekken 6 winds to a close, the number of new finds dwindles as everything notable has most likely been found or almost full developed. This problem is compounded by the fact that a large portion of a fighting community will often migrate or go on hiatus until the next major release. Fewer people experimenting, the fewer developments, combined with fewer things to discover means death.

This last week I've wanted to post something new, but everything along the way that hasn't been noted is literally not noteworthy. With Dragunov's lack of a strong tracking mid, the lack of a "meaty" two-hit strings, and overall weak string properties the new developments for the a few of the rest of the cast cannot be applied to Dragunov. As such any latest developments have been from me trying everything under the sun. Getting back to the posting part though, I'll be writing future articles as either developing older WIP articles as I expand on them, or tutorial/how-to style articles as I've written in the past. Now I know a couple weeks ago I wanted to focus on only new tech, but realizing I hit the end was sobering as I've probably burnt ~10-15 hours over the last couple of days with nothing to show for it.

The good news is that TTT2 is coming and with it will be new properties, new moves, and a revived community. The entire process will restart, from life to death and along the way we'll discover new incredible things. Right now though America is still not slated to get an arcade release and unless Harada makes an announcement at EVO, it will most likely stay that way.

Open Call: In order to keep the "new tech" going, I need help. Now I realize I probably won't receive any, but this is an open call none the less. If you have anything that you think has potential and hasn't been expanded on, PM me on TZ or send me an e-mail.