8/01/11 - Back from EVO

Post date: Aug 02, 2011 5:22:19 AM

Well, EVO is over for 2011 and I had problems editing my site on an iPhone and Droid so I couldn't make any updates on here. Instead I made a series of posts on the TT2 thread on TZ (starting with this post) regarding Dragunov changes from BR to TTT2. I also made an update for Jinpachi and Raven here. What's really interesting is that in the course of three days, I played three different builds of the game with the final day sporting the latest build. Day 1 was the Comic Con/E3 build dating probably 1-2 months old, day 2 was the European build with "Tag Crashes" implemented and a wider variety of tag throws, and finally day 3 was the latest builds with a few notable changes for Dragunov.

Over the next couple of days I'll be doing a more in-depth write up of Dragunov changes and strategies as well as one for Jinpachi as he's definitely getting no real love from the community.