8/11/12 - TTT2 Strategy Guide

Post date: Aug 12, 2012 12:0:12 AM

Well I wanted to wait until the official announcement to roll out the news, but it still hasn't come to fruition yet, so let me officially announce my involvement with the Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Prima Official Game Guide (phew, that's a mouthful). From the TTT2 Guide thread on TZ, most of the team working on the project were "unofficially" announced to instill some faith that the strategy guide is not something written by a random person off the street.

Cleaning up some back mysteries, "Project 62" (codenamed by a=1, b=2, c=3,... TTT2 = 3T+2 = 60+2 = 62) was a solo project I was working on prior to joining the TTT2 guide team. Understandably, I had to indefinitely delay the release of "62", as I was going to publish it as an e-book for distribution day 1. On September 11th, I'll be resuming development of my guide which I then expect to release within a month for free. The plan is for the book to also have video/tutorial accompaniment as many parts of Tekken may not properly translate over to text. If you actually look at my YouTube history prior to starting the official guide, I've been uploading tutorials that are very specific to a particular section or mechanic in Tekken. The e-book would be incredibly in-depth with the video covering the main points in a self-sufficient, single serving manner. The videos were also designed to be intertwined such that a topic in one video may make a specific reference to a different topic and finding out about said topic would be as easy as a single click. This comes from my experiences of my content being fairly complex and the realization that one of the major boundaries of entering Tekken is simply too much information, but at the same time not being able to find what you're looking for.

People who had contacted me directly, usually with questions, prior to the announcement of "62" were told what it was and I promised them a copy literally as soon as I finished it, before e-book distribution which would have taken a little bit of time. So here's the bad news, to those who contacted me, the guide won't be available with the release of game. I made that promise and won't be able to fulfill it, sorry. To remedy this, I offer you a free copy of the official Prima guide, all you have to do is contact me (from the same e-mail address) with your address information and I'll send it out. This offer extends to September 4th, a week before the American release of TTT2. Otherwise I'll still send you a copy of "62" before it's released to the general public.