8/19/13 - Where I'm at right now

Post date: Aug 20, 2013 6:15:21 AM

As with so many things I have a billion ideas and so little time to do everything in. So I figured this would be a good time to do a progress report of sort.

Tekken Isn't Hard - Despite the name, creating the series is very time consuming. It's not dead but I'm waiting on somewhat big news before I continue development.

Jinpachi App - The plan was to have it done by Evo and obviously that time has come and gone. I'm still working on it, among many things, and as of right now is my #1 priority.

Revolution write-ups - Similar to why I haven't released many YouTube specific TR videos, writing about Revolution feels redundant because there isn't much to say about Revolution which can't parallel to TTT2.

Revolution videos - If you want to watch me playing TR and raging out at "scrubiness", check out my twitch channel and click on "Videos". I'm pretty much the only person who seems to play and stream TR. Also I was going to port them over to YouTube but I changed my mind as they're pretty dumb.

tyler2k.info - Hey good point, I should write or at least release those five, half-completed articles.

The next twitter contest - Information coming in the upcoming weeks.