8/24/13 - What's awesome with Tekken Revolution

Post date: Aug 24, 2013 9:10:19 AM

First things first, I have moments where I can't stand Revolution. Now I don't hate the game, I hate how the game forces you to play and how the game is conducive to bad play. I hate how some characters and their tools are seriously a hell of a lot better than others (please refer to 7/02/13 - The problem(s) with Revolution, specifically the invincible section). I hate how much trash talk there is in Player Matches, regardless of player skill (usually lack thereof). Right now I especially hate how there's a seemingly "random" D/C glitch going around that just so happens to pop-up when I'm playing max rank players with long win streaks.

So, "what's awesome with Tekken Revolution?"

1) Player Matches w/ Character Enhancement disabled

Imagine that you loved playing DR but weren't a fan of T6 in general, then you played TTT2 and felt like it was more of the same (system wise) and really wish the game played more like T5. Well guess what, you already can. By choosing Player Matches and filtering out Character Enhancement, you can get the T5 experience without the need to endlessly play and level up your account.

Due to the removal of B!, many characters now have had certain attack property changes to circumvent the immediate need to B! after. For instance, Dragunov CH (f+2),4 will now flip the opponent over for pickup instead of them falling down face first. Punishers that lead to a B! will still B! only when used as a punisher/standing attack, for instance Lars' i14 f,b+2,1 still acts as a launch punisher but otherwise will not B! when used during a combo.

Another interesting dynamic I've noticed is that with near equal footing, certain characters and significantly better. For instance I believe that no-enhancement Asuka is easily a top 3 character while with stats enabled I probably wouldn't put her even in top 5. I also find that characters, on the whole, aren't any weaker due to stats being disabled. Just, inversely, some characters become relatively stronger and (in my opinion) more competitive.

2) The stat system isn't broken anymore, honest!

If you haven't played since the first few weeks and liked the game but couldn't deal with the 100+ power, two touch kills, it's definitely worth coming back and seeing the nerfs for yourself. Stats are no longer the end all, be all to Revolution. Stats help a little but a skilled level 1 will now be able to consistently beat an average level 35+, whereas in the past it could be very hard for a skilled level 20 to even beat an average level 30.

What changed? Basically take all the stats and near halve them. Strength depreciates worse than stamina and a full stam bar will now only give 60% health boost instead of the 100% health boost of vanilla TR.

3) Revolution is the test bed for future Tekken games and most likely TxSF

Changes from T6 to TT2 (and even older changes) may have been reverted in TR. Whether to be conducive to the removal of B! or other system changes (e.g. Dragunov CH (f+2),4 being a launcher now) or even the possibility that they're further balancing or tweaking the game (e.g. Dragunov CH (f+3),2 now being a small qcf+1+2 combo instead of d+2, WS+4, d+4,1,3). It's quite clear that Revolution is the test bed that so many others thought TTT2 would be.

I want to reiterate that point because I see what I wrote is a little convoluted. Namco is making changes to make the game theoretically easier for beginner players while doing further balance changes that don't actually affect beginner players. It's a two-pronged attack that to be honest is pretty unheard of. Smaller tweaks have also been made that slightly change character dynamic, for instance Bryan lost his CH qcf+1+2 but re-picked up his T6 CH 3+4, a change that if it rolls into a later tag game could have drastic effects for catching raw tag.

Also in the future, Namco will also be designing Tekken Revolution exclusive characters. Now whether they mean they'll be 100% exclusive to Tekken Revolution is yet to be seen, e.g. the Vampire Girl will probably not fit in T7 but may fit well in TxSF while the Tekken Force Woman could probably in both TxSF and T7. With that being a possibility, Tekken Revolution players will have a massive head start if the exclusive characters were to be released in TxSF or T7.

So give Tekken Revolution a chance, it's actually a decent game.