8/30/13 - Upcoming Tekken Revolution patch

Post date: Aug 31, 2013 3:17:26 AM

While the upcoming September patch isn't exactly a secret, the huge news today is to what extent the next major TR patch actually covers. This is now two major patches back to back, the latest adding Kuni/DJ while nerfing stats to give newer players a fighting chance, an interesting trend for the game.

Major changes:

1) Purchase the character you want!

By far the biggest change is the most requested feature, the ability to purchase characters instead of dealing with the terrible, terrible gift point system. There's currently no information regarding character cost but I personally can't seem them charging more than $4 per character (Why? With the current US pricing system being $2 skins and $6 premium effect, I figure splitting the two is an expected compromise). Of course $3 is the current sweet spot as you're only allowed to add a minimum of $5 at a time through the American PSN, making a $3 character and a $2 skin for said character a no-brainer.

2) "Unlimited" play for a fee

For me one of the my largest, although quietest, complaints is I'll occasionally get TR session requests and by that time I've been playing for an hour and have extinguished my free plays. In the September patch Namco will be adding "Premium Sessions", a F2P system bypassing coins and allowing "free" play for an hour. Once again there are currently no details regarding the cost of starting a Premium Session and most importantly there's no information if rank is effected during a Premium Session. All we know right now is that gold, experience, and gift points are doubled during that hour.

Notable changes:

1) Feng and Nina added to the Tekken Revolution cast

2) New costumes and premium effects added for Kunimitsu, Dragunov, Devil Jin, and Hwoarang

3) Ability to select between Premium Coins and Premium Tickets, a nice addition for players that buy coins

4) Rank increased and bug fixes

From the JP Tekken Revolution site: http://tekken-revolution.bngames.net/update/130904.php