9/01/11 - Brave new world

Post date: Sep 01, 2011 7:30:14 AM

We're only two weeks away from the release of TTT2 in Asia, so be ready for the huge influx of match videos and information to come pouring in. In the October issue of Arcadia Magazine, they included a TTT2 command book as well as information on system mechanics and screenshots of examples. While the quality isn't the best, this video briefly shows the Jinpachi list from the book. Some notable attacks are 1,b+2 (possibly a safer jab punish that doesn't W!/KND?), f+1+4 (some type of mid, possibly a shoulder?), f+2+3 (some type of unblockable, possibly similar to Jinpachi's old d/b+1+2, but I doubt it), FLY 1,2,4 and FLY 2 are B! moves, u+4 (some type of combo filler), and finally u/b+1,2~f (which scares me the most because I have no idea what it looks like, but evidently can B! can transition to fly?).

The other major news, that doesn't seem to be receiving very much attention, comes from Harada's twitter account (his post here). Not only will there be location testing in "LA, TX, NY" but there's the remote possibility that the arcade release of TTT2 will land in the US. What's interesting is that the "location testing" is scheduled for October, a month after the Asian release. So obviously this isn't a bug/system testing set up, but will more likely be a test to see how well the new system will be accepted in a lacklustre arcade market, namely the US as a whole.

I honestly hope we see an arcade release because as much fun as it is to theorycraft and devise strats through match videos, it's much more fun to apply it by hand on a brand new system.