9/01/12 - Planning for the Future

Post date: Sep 02, 2012 3:13:30 AM

I've given a good amount of thought of how I want to approach tutorial videos for TTT2 and have now settled on how they're going to be set up. I know I've said it for a long time now and every time they seem to get longer and longer, but for the future videos I definitely want them to be "single serving" type videos. This should make them a little easier to not only find what you're exactly looking for but should also for the release of more videos sooner. I also have a pretty good idea of which topics I want to cover first and will be system related, not quite "tag" specific mechanics, but covering topics present in older Tekken games that are still very relevant in TTT2. Also I've been posting more frequently on Twitter (@tyler2k1) as it's easier to post quick updates, so be sure to follow me there. It's also the fastest way for me to answer specific questions about the game, so if you have any questions, that's your best bet for getting an answer right away.