9/19/13 - Streaming FAQ

Post date: Sep 20, 2013 5:50:21 AM

I've been getting a lot of questions lately regarding streaming, so here's an FAQ:

When do you stream?

I typically stream on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, although it may change dependent on free time.

Why aren't you streaming more?

I'll be switching to Comcast next week and I'm currently in a transitional period where my internet connection is really, really terrible. To be honest I can't even play Tekken, while not streaming, without lagging and it's very frustrating. So unfortunately I won't be streaming for the next week, instead I'll continue streaming 3-4 player co-op of Master V difficulty Diablo III.

Why do you stream Tekken Revolution?

Because if I don't stream Tekken Revolution, then no one else will.

Why don't you stream TTT2?

I do periodically stream TTT2, I just play Tekken Revolution on stream more often. I play TTT2 publicly on Friday's at Iron Fist Fridays (IFF) at Milpitas Golfland (MGL), you can check out the stream for that at twitch.tv/cps_iv. On off weeks you can find me at Sunnyvale Golfland (SVGL) playing on the TTT2 cabinet but there is no available stream for that.

Why don't you play Team X, Y, or Z?

In order to maximize learning and minimize character crossover, I keep my teams/characters completely segregated. So for instance my first team, Jinpachi and Dragunov, will only ever been in that team. This also allows be to play my teams completely differently as my per-character strategies won't bleed into my other teams. For instance my Lars/Lee team is fairly straight forward, usually seeking punishers while my Wang/Leo team is more poke, CH fish heavy.

If you have a suggested team and it doesn't have any of the characters listed below, then I'm all ears for the future.

What are your teams then?

1) Jinpachi/Dragunov

2) Raven/Bruce

3) Lars/Lee

4) Wang/Leo

5) Bryan/Dr. B

My latest team isn't finalized, so I'm still open to suggestions.