This guide is not meant for people who are brand new to a Tekken game, there was a great beginner video made for Tekken 5 and not too much has changed since then. This guide is not meant as a complete frame data and damage guide, Ina Tekken has that pretty much covered and Icege's frame/hit analysis for Tekken 6 is still basically 100% accurate (except for a few property changes from T6 to BR) as well as Frame Data and Frame Data Discussion by Aris.

So exactly what, or who, is this guide for? Well basically this guide is for everything else in the Dragunov universe. If you're new to Dragunov and just need a push in the right direction, or if you're somewhat familiar with Dragunov and want to know what you should or should not punish, or if you're a seasoned veteran with Dragunov and want to talk frame traps and pressure, then you've come to the right place.

I'll be honest, if this is your first character that you plan to play seriously in Tekken, then I suggest changing to a more beginner friendly character, such as Paul and Feng, who get similar damage with less risk. If you've been bouncing around with characters for a few versions now and have a decent grasp of the game, then welcome.