Sergei Dragunov was introduced in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and at the time was easily one of the worst characters in the game. This was due to a large portion of his moves having abysmal tracking as well as many moves being negative frames on hit. Couple with the fact that his quickest attack was 10 frames and he was living in an 8 frame world, Dragunov was far too slow to mount an effective offensive.

The one thing he did right, though, was that he hit like a freight train and getting launched by him meant 55+ damage without a wall. When he did gain momentum near a wall, he could rely on unparalleled 50/50s to quickly end matches. These 50/50s combined with one of the strongest back roll catches in the game (e.g. d+4,4) meant that recovering from KND against Dragunov was a constant danger.