4,1 (on hit) Follow Up Discussion

4,1 (on hit) Follow Up Discussion:


While 4,1 may not be the strongest 12 frame punisher in the game, it's unrivaled “safeness” and +frames on hit make it an extremely versatile string.

Being +8 on hit allow for some strong follow up options:

1,2,1 – Straight forward, hit confirming 1,2,1 will interrupt any option the opponent may try.

u/f+4 – Safe on block and low crush any low/s-mid poke they may try.

f+1+4_2+3 – Since it takes the opponent approx. 10 frames to get off the ground, a 11 frame instant throw will always interrupt them.

d+2 – A similar situation to Sergei's instant throws, d+2 comes out in 18 and u/f+4 takes ~10 frames to get airborne, therefore d+2 will interrupt them right as they're leave the ground.

f,f+3 – Will interrupt SS/SW and will W! if near the wall, coupled with +frames on block for more options post block make this an incredible follow up. Warning: Opponent may duck if they think a f,f+1+2 is coming out.

d+1 – Similar to f,f+3, gives a trap on block and will KND them nearby on CH giving a free d+3+4

iWR 2 – Obviously this is for when you are 100% confident in your execution, +frames on block, possible d+3+4 follow up on hit, and full combo on CH.