Miscellaneous Nice to Knows


Here's a miscellaneous list of things that didn't quite fit in the sections above. Maybe if I compile more moves and/or data I'll make it into their own sections.

Useful Counter Strings and Attacks:

These are specifically move a counters move b and are mostly character specific.

qcf+1+2 - Counters low stances such as Ling AOP and Zafina TNT

WS+1+2 - Can punish Ling's AOP low attack, one of the only characters who can

3,1 – Can interrupt/pick up Ling's kangaroo type rolls

iWR+2 - Will catch Chreddy RLX movements/attacks on flinch, otherwise will run past them.

b+2 - Interrupts/tracks Feng u/f+2 evasive punch

Weird Stuff:

There are moves with some strange properties, here are a few of them.

f,f+4 counts as airborne even though it doesn't low crush.

qcf+3 hit box is unique to say the least, the first few frames are neither mid crush or high crush, the middle of the animation is a high crush, and finally at the end of the animation it's both high and mid crush which can save your ass on whiff.

3,1,<2 though been toned down since T6, it still has nearly 360 tracking when performed correctly.

1,2,1 the last hit can still CH even when your opponent is directly behind you.

d/b+3 similarly to 1,2,1 can KND the opponent when they're directly behind you.

CH (SS 2),3 even though the 3 will hit an airborne opponent, the camera will shift as if the attack throw occurred.

3+4 can interrupt and launch wake up kicks.

f+4,4,3 the 2nd 4 on CH gives magic 4 launch but only allows for d+4 follow ups, the 3 on airborne opponents at close range allows for 1,3,2 follow ups. Therefore for a magic 4 bind combo, one must do CH (f+4),4,3, 1,3,2 B!