The Art of 1,2,1

The Art of 1,2,1:


CH 1,2,1 is absolutely one of the strongest moves in the Tekken universe and luckily it's properties have remained intact since Dragunov's introduction in DR.

What is it:

1,2,1 is NCC 3-hit string that comes out at 10-frames, gives wall splat, and is hit confirmable (even without hit confirming the final hit, the string is only -12 on block). As such it is probably the most feared move in Dragunov's arsenal and makes attacking Dragunov at close range a gamble.

Additional information:

Interesting enough, someone at Namco decided that 1,2,1 should have some additional properties tagged on, so in T6 the final hit in the string stuns on CH becoming a (difficult, though guaranteed) combo starter.

So if they’re out of range of the 1,2 and decide to punish your whiff and get hit by the final 1, they will be stunned for free combo.